The Complete Solution (6 Pack)


The Complete Solution Packs offer you the ultimate protection and convenience during transport. The packs allow you to transport rigged rods together without worrying about breakages, tangles or your hooks getting caught.


This value pack contains:

6 x Rod Armour 5' - 7'6" Cases (3 x Silver-Black, 3 x Red-Black)

Our patented fishing rod cases are engineered with Flexi-Armour to offer the most durable, protective and adjustable case in the world. We have implemented revolutionary patented technology, design and properties to ensure that Rod Armour’s cases are the superior choice to cheaper imitations.

6 x LureShield Fishing Lure Covers

Rigging up fishing rods before a fishing trip has many advantages with the most obvious being ready to cast out a line as soon as you arrive at your destination. The downsides to this are that lures and hooks tend to hook and tangle with other rods, car seats and carpets. The LureShield is designed to simply wrap around your hooks or lures to prevent them from getting caught and tangled.

6 x CrocClip Rod Case Clip

The Croc Clip is a vital accessory to your armoured cases. Firstly, It allows you to roll your case to the perfect size and keep it there, by simply snapping the clip over the end. Secondly, it stops your case sliding up when transporting your rod.

2 x WrapStrap Rod Strap

Rod Armour’s WrapStrap is a cheap and simple way to wrap rods together. It makes transporting multiple rods a breeze and saves countless trips to and from the car. Couple the Wrap Strap with a Rod Armour Cover, you’ll have the ultimate protection and convenience possible. Leading to more time spent fishing.