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Rod Armour's warehouse is centrally located in Kentucky, USA, ensuring swift, cost-effective, and seamless shipping for our customers. All orders are dispatched through USPS, accompanied by tracking details.

Australia Post advise 2-8 Business days delivery time.

Orders are shipped via Australia Post with tracking numbers sent to your email address. We sync your order email and phone number with Australia Post​. In rare cases Australia Post can hold up a delivery, if this is the circumstance, please let us know and we will follow it up for you.

Rod Armour ships around the world via Australia Post and USPS. These trusted shipping agents allow for us to give you peace of mind that your order will arrive in a timely manner.

Rod Armour typically takes an average of 1 business day to pack and ship orders to customers.

However, this timeframe may vary due to factors like address errors, order amendments, or external issues.

The packing and shipping process may take longer during peak seasons (November to January) and sales events. In these instances Rod Armour will aim to remedy such delays with vouchers or extra items as compensation.

Rod Sleeve Sizing

Rod Armour has created a helpful size guide to show which sleeve will best suit your rod. (Here)

The width of our 5ft-7ft6 Sleeves stretch from Up to 2.7" (69mm).

The width of our 6ft-8ft Sleeves stretch from Up to 3.8" (97mm).

The width of our 8ft-9ft Sleeves stretch from Up to 2.7" (69mm).

The width of our 10ft-14ft sleeves stretch from Up to 5.9" (150mm).

To change the size of the sleeve, all you need to do is simply roll the case inside of itself. Here is a demonstration on how this is done. Our Sleeves are easily adjustable and can change from 5ft to 7ft6, 6ft-8ft, 7ft-9ft or 10ft-14ft depending on the size sleeve you are after. This simple trick allows you to purchase one sleeve, which will fit most of your rods.

Rod Sleeves

By combining the world’s best PET material and a sophisticated braiding process, we have created the ultimate lightweight protection to help prevent micro-fractures, guides snapping and tips breaking.

Our sleeves allow your rods to be rigged and transported without tangles. Our sleeve provides a cushioned layer between your rod and the objects that may scratch the blank, cause rod rash or produce microfractures. PET is used in a lot of industrial application to serve this purpose. It’s tough enough to be used on anchor ropes to stop metal from scratching fibreglass boats, in construction to protect fragile cables, in high-quality phone chargers to stop wires breaking, and in sports cars including Lamborghinis and Audis to prevent wires tangling. We have taken this material and repurposed it to work for fishing rod covers.

Our Sleeves go straight over your rod and stop the line from catching and tangling when transporting multiple rods. This allows your rods to be easily organised and rigged up. Saving you valuable time and effort when transporting your rods. 

Our hard work and unique product has now been recognised by the Australian Patent Office and is now protected under the Australian Patent number 2017101179. This allows Rod Armour to protect our design and likewise, helps retailers to protect their investment knowing they have a sophisticated product on their shelves that cannot be undercut, emulate or copied in any way. This ensures that our product is more unique and more sophisticated than other cases on the market. 

Before we launch any product in our range, we spend months testing them by fishing in a variety of scenarios. We do this to ensure our products can live up to the harsh Australian conditions. If they don’t, we go back to the drawing board and make final tweaks and improvements ensuring that our customers have full confidence in our products. By taking these new products with us when we go fishing, we gain a thorough understanding of the benefits and improvements they make for all anglers. 


The Lureshield is made from pierce resistant materials and is designed to wrap around hooks and lures. Once this is done, velcro the tabs together and the hooks and lures are safe and out of harms way. Preventing any tangles or hooks getting caught during transport, whether it's in the car or boat. 

Simply adjust the sleeve to the right length and open the CrocClip by holding the tip of the clip and pulling the elastic loop down. This will unlock the hinge. Place the CrocClip on the rim of the sleeve and lock it in place by pulling the hinge shut. Secure the elastic loop around the reel handle. This will keep your sleeve secure and will prevent it from sliding up your rod. 


Rod Armour is always on the lookout for key ambassadors. These are anglers we work closely with to develop products and test our products. If you feel as though you would be a great ambassador for our brand, send us a message here.

We look for a passionate angler who loves fishing. They produce great videos and photos on their social media platforms. We look for someone that gets out on the water and isn't afraid to try things and be bold.

We closely monitor anglers before we work with them. We are incredibly fortunate to have some excellent ambassadors at the moment. As we expand as a company, we will look to access more, especially outside of Australia. 

Pick Up

Unfortunately, we tend to be away from our office testing products offsite or packaging products within our warehouse. As such, it is hard to maintain times to pick up. We do offer competitive shipping and the majority of orders are substantially cheaper than Australia Post's rates. We subsidise shipping costs.