Australian Domestic Standard Post:

Please note delays due to COVID-19. All orders are packed and sent via Australia Post with the inclusion of a tracking number. Tracking for orders can take several business days to update. Due to COVID-19, the postage network has been adversely affected and some extra time may be needed. As such we have taken Express Shipping off the website due to the inability of the postage network to meet the typically fast shipping times.

Australia Post advises delivery in 3-15 business days after posting.

These times have been subject to change due to COVID-19. Rod Armour will pack and send orders as soon as possible.

FREE for all orders over $75. 

Pricing $14 for orders under $50. 



Please note delays due to COVID-19. All orders are packed and sent via our international courier network with the inclusion of a tracking number. This network relies on the national post operator within that Country, for instance, all USA orders are sent via USPS.

We advise delivery of 5-17 business days for overseas customers. This time period is largely due to the delays experienced as a result of COVID-19.

FREE for all orders over $75. 

Pricing $14 AUD for orders under $50. 



Shipping Support and Customer Care:
If for whatever reason there is an issue with your shipped item such as it never arrived or was lost, please contact us immediately. We will liaison with Australia Post / International Couriers and Courier Drivers to determine the issue and resolve the problem. We are always here to help you, and while sometimes postage and errors are out of our control, we want to go above and beyond and provide the best service possible. It is generally sporadic to have postage errors.

Please note some orders may be split-fulfilled and sent in two separate packages.