Reel Armour - Baitcast Reel Cover

Reel Armour - Baitcast Reel Cover has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 5 reviews.

Our Reel Armour cover securely wraps around your baitcast reel, keeping it protected and organised during transport. Our cases are sealed shut and locked into place with Velcro-Lock. It has a water and sand resistant Armoured Plate, which combines with 3D Armour, providing 360 degrees worth of impact protection. If it does happen to drop, don't worry! Our Armour is made using Armour-Zorb, a specific combination of gel mixes, air particles and foam to optimise impact absorption. This “Armour-Zorb” will keep your reel and all of its fragile internals, safe in all possible scenarios. The case is lightweight and designed to be tough, withstanding thousands of hours of durability testing in the harsh Australian elements. 


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