August 26, 2019 2 min read

Rod Armour came to be after a disastrous and costly trip to Hamilton Island. We transported our expensive rods on an aeroplane in a PVC case, thinking that would be enough to protect them.

After arriving we opened the rod tube, and to our disappointment six out of the seven rods were damaged with either broken tips, snapped guides or fractures. Instead of blaming the baggage staff, we decided to come up with a solution so this wouldn’t happen again. A problem and a solution, the start of many great businesses.

This experience led us down the track of trying different cases from all over the world, making rod sleeves out of stockings, wool and all other matters of material, until we came across a hardy, flexible, saltwater resistant and incredibly durable material. This material is famed for its durability and protection, used in a variety of applications from industrial cable protection to a guard for anchor chains on boats. After 6 months of testing, this was the material we decided on.

We aren’t claiming we reinvented the wheel as other products launched the idea, but we adopted its application to suit. Rod Amour differs in a few clear ways. We improved on pre-existing products in the American tackle industry. Firstly, our cases are designed to be customisable in length they can be easily rolled in half to fit anything from a 5ft bait-caster to 8ft spin rod. Secondly, the properties of the material allow the Armour to be flexible enough to fit over large guides such as Fuji K guides or small bait-cast guides. Thirdly, the material and an efficient manufacturing process allows our product to be affordable to all anglers. Most importantly we have sourced the world’s best PET material, we tested dozens of different PET suppliers until we found the one.