How Rod Armour Came to Be

Rod Armour came to be after a disastrous and costly fishing trip to Hamilton Island. My brothers and I, after looking forward to this trip for months, transported our expensive rods on an aeroplane in a PVC case, thinking that would be enough to protect them. After arriving we opened the rod tube, and to our disappointment six out of the seven rods were damaged with either broken tips, snapped guides or fractures. Instead of blaming the baggage staff, we decided to come up with a solution so this wouldn’t happen again. A problem and a solution, the start of Rod Armour. 

My brother Christian and I spent the next 6 months in between uni and part-time work, trying different cases from all over the world, making rod sleeves out of stockings, wool and anything else we could come up with. After much trial and error, we came across a hardy, flexible, saltwater resistant and incredibly durable braided PET material. This material is famed for its durability and protection, used in a variety of different applications from industrial cable protection to a guard for anchor chains on boats. After 6 months of testing, this was the material we decided was the best fit for protecting our rods. 

While we don't claim to be the inventors of this material, we were able to apply it to a situation and a problem and make it into exactly what we wanted. We improved on pre-existing products in the American tackle industry by designing our cases to be customisable in length meaning they can be rolled inside themselves and able to fit anything from a 5ft bait-caster to an 8ft spin rod. We now have sizes that fit 2 piece rods as well as surf rods up to a length of 14ft. 

We have now expanded into making a range of different products and accessories that can be used in combination with our original rod sleeves with the aim of providing protection and organisation of fishing gear for anglers around the world. Our newest product range of Reel Armour protective reel cases has been designed from scratch over the past 3 years with the goal of finding the absolute best possible protection and impact support for anglers expensive reels that are so often forgotten about. We are extremely proud of this new range and look forward to creating more heavy-duty protection for a range of reel sizes as well as using this design for a new generation of fishing rod cases as well. We are always looking to improve and grow and look forward to continuing doing this with our future products and endeavours.