What Fishing Means To Me by Curtis

Fishing to me is more than just a hobby or livelihood it's a deep-rooted passion that I have had since a young age. My Dad would take my brothers and I out fishing at Bribie most weekends when I was growing up. It was here where I first developed my passion, chasing whiting, bream and flathead on shallow sandflats, pumping yabbies and chasing after crabs in the mangroves, this was my first taste of fishing. As the years went on so did my desire to learn more and develop my skills growing up in the digital age made learning various fishing knots, techniques and rigs very easy. I'd spend hours watching YouTube videos, reading articles from Magazines and scouring through fishing forums for the best spots and tips. I would flick lures in the canals endlessly until finally after a few days I caught my first fish on a plastic a small Soapie Jewfish on the good old 100mL bloodworm wriggler aged 9. 

Saturday and Sunday mornings would consist of me getting up and watching Ifish River Monsters and Escape with ET, I'd learn a great deal doing this and also discovered more about the diverse target species on offer at various location around the country.  In the afternoons I'd have a flick around North Pine Dam or the local creek for bass.

My favourite fishing is heading up the Noosa River and fishing between the lakes. I love old school surf fishing with Alvey reels along the sunshine coast as well. There are many places I want to fish at and they are certainly on my bucket list over the next few years place like New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Oman, Florida Keys,  

With the emergence of great brands like CASTMag and Missing at Sea in Australia, Mystery Tackle Box and The Catch Co in America, fantastic Instagram anglers now is more a time than any to be excited about online stores and the fishing industry.

It is a great privilege to work in a sector that I love dearly. Before Rod Armour, I was working at BCF for a few years and had an awesome time talking to keen anglers most weekends.  We are incredibly fortunate for all the support we have received over the years and are excited for the beginning of our next chapter. We have some great new products to release to the world that we have been working on for ages.