What Fishing Means To Me by Christian

After catching my first fish when I was only 4 years of age, I have loved fishing ever since. Whether it was at Bribie Island, Kawana Waters, Point Cartwright or anywhere close by, you would find me fishing there every weekend with my parents, grandparents or brothers. As I grew up I began to take fishing more seriously. After using bait for such a long time, I pivoted to using lures and soft plastics, and never went back. Lure fishing was a big learning experience.

 My brothers and I used to do a lot of land-based fishing either from the rocks, beach or a jetty. After saving up some money we eventually all chipped in together to buy a kayak, and this was a game-changer for us. It gave my brothers and I the ability to explore more fishing spots and reach some ground we haven’t fished before.

Our passion has always been fishing, and Curtis and I wanted to be able to continue this into our careers after school. After our experience up at Hamilton Island, where our fishing rods broke inside of the rod tube, we noticed that there was an opportunity for us to be able to fix this problem. In which it would ultimately turn our passion into our job.

We started Rod Armour when I was in Year 12 at school. It certainly was one of the busiest and most exciting years  I have ever had.

 Now we find ourselves working in the office daily and testing products on the weekends. We are very proud of the new range of products we are just about to release, and this will be a real turning point for our company as we expand and look to enter the American markets.