Supporting the Next Generation of Anglers

We want to do everything we can to support the angling community. We sponsor a lot of junior anglers as we want to support the grassroots of fishing.

We know that sometimes fishing isn’t about the size of the fish you catch it’s about the passion and effort you display.

It’s young guys and girls that the industry is built on. We all started with passion, it’s the driving force to increase our fishing skillset, target new fish and challenge ourselves to a new PB. It is also this passion, that allows us to be satisfied and enjoy catching a few bream on a strip of Mullet.

It’s in these junior anglers that we see part of ourselves. At Rod Armour, we encourage this and we want to reward passion with sponsorships, advice and tips. So for all passionate anglers, young and old stay connected with Rod Armour to keep informed about competitions, cracker fishing photos and our latest news.

We cannot wait to see what the future of fishing holds.