Stop Hooks Catching Everything (Except Fish)

Hooks are an essential tool for fishing. We cannot fish without them (obviously) but that doesn’t mean they can’t do more harm than good at times.

Due to the razor-sharp tip and barbed stem, most hooks these days can easily get stuck in a car’s fabric, someone’s leg or on other objects. While a needle-sharp tip and quality barb make the properties of a good hook, they can also make life a lot harder when getting them out.

Hooks pose a huge safety threat especially when kids are involved. Most of the time rods are shoved along the side of the car.

If hooks come loose they are dangerously close to eyes, arms shoulders and other body parts. It is important to cover those hooks to minimise the chance of someone getting hurt. A product like the Lureshield comes in handy, it allows you to take your lure or hook and roll it within. Preventing it from hooking objects.

Whether you have kids and want to stop hooks swinging around in the car or you want to rig your rods without hooks getting caught in the car, then the LureShield is the product for you.