HOW TO: The Croc Clip

The Croc Clip is a Rod Armour designed accessory built to complement our original fishing rod sleeve by clipping onto the case and anchoring it to your reel handle, ensuring the case stays in place and doesn't move around during transport. If you would like a step by step guide on how to use the Croc Clip keep reading! 

Grab your clip and pull down the hinge at the back of the mouthpiece that connects to the strap so that it becomes disengaged, meaning its teeth should be open and ready to go. Grab your rod and slide the bottom of the case in between the crop clips teeth. Then push that hinge back up, the teeth of the clip will snap shut, locking it in place. Then, grab your reel handle and wind it to a point where the strap can reach it, then pull the strap over the handle. Your case is now locked in place, unable to ride up or move up the rod throughout transport.