Why Do You Need Rod Armour?

What is Rod Armour, and why should you be using our Rod Cases? Rod Armour cases protect your rods from the micro-fractures that happen during transport when they’re in the boat in the back or the ute or in the car. 

Often when rods are being transported, they are constantly bouncing around and banging against hard surfaces, often for long durations of time. The constant banging and vibration, causes your fragile graphite rods to sustain a range of fractures, nicks and bumps which go onto affect not only the performance of the rod, but also increases the chances of irreversible damage like a clean break or snapped rod. 

These fractures and minor damages create weak points in the rod, meaning that when the rod is loaded up on a fish, those weak points are vulnerable to breaking or snapping, causing you to not only lose your rod but whatever fish you had as well!

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and if you have rods that are constantly unprotected during transport, sustaining minor damage and weakening over time, they are not going to be as strong as they need to be to withstand the kind of pulling force they are designed for. That is what Rod Armour was designed for, and why you should be using it to protect your rods!