Frustrated by Tangles?

Do you hate arriving at your fishing spot with a big tangled mess? Then it might be time to try Rod Armour.

At Rod Armour, we strive to maximise time on the water. That is why we have created our unique product range to allow you to rock up at your destination with your gear organised and ready to go.

When placing your rigged rods in the back of the car, nine times out of 10 you arrive at the destination with an enormous mess. Hooks are caught onto each other, lines have tangled, and the rods cannot be untangled.

To solve this and to ultimately maximise your time on the water it is certainly worth investing in our fishing rod cases. Our LureShield is also a great product to use in combination with our cases to keep your lures safe from getting snagged. Rod Armour’s range of products makes transporting rods a breeze. 

The case slides over the rod, covering both guides and fishing line. This ultimately prevents any tangles from occurring as no line is exposed. Our cases allow you to simply place multiple rods either in the back of the car or on the boat without having to worry about them getting tangled.

If you value your fishing time and don’t want to get tangles, give Rod Armour a try today.