Keeping Your Fishing Rods & Reels in Tip Top Shape

As someone who probably knows all the tips and tricks to catch all sorts of fish no matter what the season is, you definitely know how to choose the right fishing rod that suits all your fishing needs. But do you know how to take good care of your fishing rod to make it last a lifetime? 

Keeping your fishing rods and reels in tip top shape can be a tedious job. It is not an easy thing to do, especially right after a long fishing trip. But spending that extra time taking care of your rod and reel will not only prolong their life, but will also help you save money. 

Here’s a list of fishing rod accessories and tips on how you can take care of your fishing rod and reels in the best way possible:

Protect Your Fishing Rod

Protecting your fishing rod means investing in using fishing rod covers or fishing rod sleeves to protect them during transport. It also offers protection when you put your rods in storage after a fishing trip and prevent them from getting tangled or damaged. Small bumps and knocks can cause nicks and scratches, which can eventually weaken your rod and eventually cause breakage. 

When transporting your gear, it is best to place your rods in a fishing rod protector sleeve or cover and lay them on a flat area in your vehicle. Placing them on an uneven surface can cause bends and damage. Using fishing rod covers or sleeves can help protect your rods when transporting from place to place to keep them in good condition. 


Fishing rod over the ocean

Protect Your Reel

Fishing reels are the most important piece of the entire equipment and using fishing reel covers are ideal to ensure that they are protected and will keep working the way it should be. It is also ideal to have it maintained at least once a year, by taking every part and cleaning each of the pieces to ensure that they are kept in great condition. Just make sure not to forget to invest in a good fishing reel cover to protect your gear from tangling when storing and transporting. 

Storing Your Fishing Rod

When storing your fishing rod, it’s always best to keep them upright vertically and always ensure that the tips are not weighed down to avoid the rod from becoming permanently curved. 

Using fishing rod sleeves will help store your rods securely, but also keep them protected when you are travelling. This will avoid them from getting tangled and ruined in the end. Just make sure to get the right size of fishing rod sleeves or fishing rod covers as any pressure can create a weak spot on your rod. 

Ensure you store them in a dry place away from humidity, but if that can’t be avoided, it would be best to use a dehumidifier or use silica gel pouches in the sleeve to protect your fishing rod. Heat can weaken the rods and eventually cause breakage over time. 

Fishing rods standing vertically

Cleaning Your Fishing Rod

It is essential to make a habit of cleaning your fishing rod each time you use it, especially in saltwater because of its corrosiveness. That is why it is essential to rinse the rod and reel off before storing them. If you often fish with bait, your fishing gear can get dirty very quickly, so take the time to wipe down your rod to keep it in tip top shape. 

When cleaning, it is best to do it gently by using lukewarm water and vinegar. You may also use a mild detergent to help clean the rod and reel thoroughly. Once done, dry them and make sure that no moisture is left as it can cause rust, and eventually damage your fishing rods and reels. 

It can be time consuming to clean your fishing rods and reels every after a fishing trip, but once you can get into a routine, it will naturally become a habit and ensure your fishing rods last a lifetime. Making small adjustments including adding fishing rod accessories to your fishing gear will come a long way as this will prolong the life of your fishing equipment.