How Our Subscription Works

Through these boxes you get access to some of the best fishing gear in the world. These can include JDM-exclusive colours, lures and brands hard to find anywhere else.  
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Pick any combination of your 6 preferred lure profiles. 
 The latest and most innovative fishing gear from Japan. 
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Get the best fishing brands from Japan delivered to your door every month.

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Frequently asked questions

Why Fish'n Bargain Bin?

Fish'n Bargain Bin was born out of our passion for providing fishing enthusiasts with an exceptional way to access top-tier fishing gear from Japan. We understand that finding high-quality, unique fishing lures can be challenging and expensive. That's why we created Fish'n Bargain Bin – to bridge the gap between avid anglers and the best fishing lures that Japan has to offer. Our dedication to affordability, access, and convenience sets us apart, ensuring that every angler can elevate their fishing experience without compromise.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription plans start at $89.99 AUD, including free shipping for each monthly box.

Where is the box shipped from?

The Fish'n Bargain Bin subscription box is shipped directly from our distribution centre located in Japan. This allows us to source and curate the finest and most innovative fishing lures from Japan's top brands.

What do I get?

With Fish'n Bargain Bin, your monthly subscription brings you a box packed with 6 carefully chosen premium fishing lures from Japan. These include JDM-exclusive colours, innovative designs, and products from top Japanese brands. Customise your selection by picking six favourite lure profiles to match your fishing style.

How do I cancel? 

We understand that circumstances may change, and cancelling your subscription is simple. Just log in to your Fish'n Bargain Bin account on our website. Within your account settings, you'll find an option to manage your subscription, including cancellation. Follow the provided steps to cancel your subscription. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer support team is here to help. Please note that cancellations should be processed before your next billing cycle to avoid any charges for the following month's subscription box.

Why Should I subscribe?

Often imported Japanese Lures available here are a fraction of the colour, size and range that are sold in Japan. Go direct to the source, fish unique JDM lures. 

What are the subscription plans available?

Currently, we offer a flexible month-to-month subscription. While our focus is on this adaptable option, we have plans to introduce longer-term commitments in the future, providing even more choices to suit your preferences. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to expand our subscription offerings.

Why build a box and not species-specific boxes? 

We prioritise delivering versatility and excitement. Curated boxes allow you to explore various techniques, discover innovative lures and fish something unique that most fish have not seen before.