White Case 5ft-7ft - Flash Sale
White Case 5ft-7ft - Flash Sale

White Case 5ft-7ft - Flash Sale

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Perfect for Baitcast or Spinning rods, our 5ft-7ft6 Sleeves are designed to organise and protect your gear. Our Sleeves easily slide over the top of your rod, protecting it from all the nicks and bumps it endures during transport. Whether it's in the car, boat or rod tube, our sleeves will prevent your rods from getting tangled together or damaged. By rolling the sleeve inside of itself, you can easily shorten the length of the sleeve to suit your rod size.  
Rod Armour Sleeve

fits baitcast or spinning rods (5ft - 7ft6)

Rod Armour Sleeve Opening

adjustable opening - can be rolled inside of itself to shorten the length of the sleeve



Rod Armour Sleeve Logo

mould, heat and water resistant

Rod Armour Tip Section

tapered tip section provides better protection for fishing rod tip

Rod Armour Sleeve

expandable mesh for easy-on and easy-off


1. Shorten the length of the case by rolling it inside of itself
2. Colour code your rods with our range of colours

The rod armour advantage

engineered to protect your rod 

Our patented range of cases have been engineered to provide an additional layer of protection for your rods. It is designed to soften the impact of the nicks, bumps and microfractures that occur during transport. They are like an insurance policy, covering your rods. Our cases have been tried, tested and loved by thousands of anglers across Australia.

flexi-armour stretches over larger guides 

This technology allows the armoured case to fit a larger variety of rods. The Flexi-Armour can stretch over large guides enabling our cases to meet the majority of rods no matter the size.

industry-leading composite material 

Our armoured case is built with industrial grade composite materials. Used in the forefront of automotive engineering it is famed for the properties of stretch, protection, longevity, heat and UV resistance.


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